According to Dutch research they do not see that really. In interviews teachers stick to the general advantages that are well known and common sense. They do not make use of the full potential of ICT. It is very much just a supporting tool for classroom teaching.

I think we can not blame them too much for that. They simply do not know how to use ICT tools in an optimal way.

The first responsibly to improve these disappointing results lies with the educational researchers and the schools for teacher education. Tell teachers how to use ICT in school, demonstrate how to do it and make it a priority in the curriculum. When I talk to teachers I’m frequently asked for ‘recipes’ to implement and use for example ‘social software’ tools. I try to ‘write’ these recipes in the form of didactical patterns. Simple and straightforward steps that show ‘how to do it’.

A second responsibly lies with the teachers themselves…open up, and try new things in your practice. Society is changing, your students did already change. They are often bored to dead and sick of traditional (higher) education.

Van po tot hbo zetten leraren ict op een zelfde manier in: voor klassikale instructie en om leerlingen en studenten zelfstandig te laten leren’.

Source: Leraren benutten specifieke mogelijkheden ict nauwelijks – NRO

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