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Time flies if you’re having fun. After three years, our social software project comes to an end. We have done so many new innovative things, learned so much, and had so much fun. We started with the development of our universities’ first Mooc’s. One MOOC about ‘life in the information society’ and one MOOC about ‘doing scientific research’. We learned that MOOC’s are here to stay. They can be an extra (costly) option for universities to share their knowledge with the world. No more, no less.

We organized a so-called Wikiade, in a kind of Olympic approach all students could share their new knowledge for the semester with other students. The more students shared, the better it was for the schools. We had individual prizes for individuals, a university and a school ranking. In this playful setup much information was shared. We saw that a smaller core group of students enjoyed writing thousands of articles for a very large group of lurkers. However it was a great idea to start filling the universities Wiki as the platform for interdisciplinary exchange.

We developed three mobile apps, the last will be introduced soon. It is called ‘Pfadlerner’, an app to develop and play educational routes (geocaching for knowledge). Android works fine, our IOS app will be out shortly. For more information about all these topics look here. It is in German, all scientific data will be published in English the forthcoming months.

Finally we organized a barcamp…a ‘Fernunicamp’. An interesting concept that has been around for ten years, but is now booming. People with the same interests meet and share their thoughts in a quite unstructured format during the weekend. They together decide how the program looks like and they schedule their own sessions, workshops etc. Everybody knows upfront that he/she has to offer something. If there is enough interest the session then is scheduled. People from outside can also participate via social software. Worked very well. See also our website