What an exciting month it was this year. It already is a month of celebrations for us at home, with my wive’s and my birthday but that is not what I want to talk about. A birthday is not (yet) an achievement. What I want to tell you about is the honor we had as Executive Committee of E-learn (the World Conference on E-learning) to hand out an AACE fellow award to our good friend and wonderful colleague Curt Bonk for his achievements in the field of Educational Technology. See here: https://education.indiana.edu/index.html and

Secondly I’m so proud on PhD Student Harry Stokhof. His work won the 2016 Best Research & Practice Project Award during the EAPRIL conference. See here: https://eaprilconference.org/award-2016-nominees and in Dutch. This is the Youtube video.

Congratulations!! It is a pleasure to work (and celebrate) with both of them.